The email inquiries we receive through our website are not viewed on a daily basis.

Inquires submitted through this website are not forwarded to our Physician's Answering Service.

Your email inquiry will not be forwarded to any physician, even upon request.                                              Chaparral Physicians will not respond to any email inquiries submitted through this website.


If you are seeking copies of Patient Claims/Billing:

Telephone (909) 398-1550 - Billing

Please contact the Chaparral Medical Group Physician Office Directly in all of these circumstances:

·        To Schedule an Appointment with a Physician

·        If you are seeking to speak with a Physician

·        Seeking a Physician’s appointment availability

·        Seeking to learn what insurances the Physician(s) accepts

·        Seeking Prescriptions or Prescription Refills or changes in Medication

·        Wanting to discuss Medication Side Effects

·        Wanting medical advice or Physician’s approval for discontinuation of Medication

·        Questions for Physicians or their Medical Assistants